Like everyone, the Democratic Party of Hawaii office is practicing social distancing, so only the voicemail is answering at 596-2980.

And that means the in-person voting scheduled for April 4 in the party’s presidential preference poll has been canceled, due to pandemic shutdowns.

But the new instructions are on the machine: If you want to vote, you have until April 4 to go to, hit the Join link and sign up for a mail-in ballot. The postal service is socially distant, too.

A new use for Aloha Stadium

Aloha Stadium has suspended all events, including the swap meet, through mid-May as a COVID-19 precaution. Even so, some 1,000 to 1,500 cars are parked on its lot, thanks to an agreement between stadium officials and a consortium of five rental car companies. While the cars are idle, the state-operated facility is drawing payment for the parking.

Since the stadium will be dark for an extended period, another creative suggestion for its use: The state’s coronavirus response could include supporting health-care delivery needs or distribution of high-demand household items, starting with food … and toilet paper.

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